House and Shed Slabs

We are using concrete slabs every day in our line of work as it is the most common building method for contractors in the modern day. Whether it’s commercial building or residential building, indoor or outdoor areas, concrete slabs are still favoured to build with due to their strength and durability. We also work with a range of tools and sealants so your concrete stays protected for all weather conditions.

When buying a new home, it’s imperative to get your foundation just right. If your slab is poured incorrectly it can negative affect the rest of the build.

Our team have over 10 years experience in laying house and shed slabs and are experienced in laying both commercial and residential jobs, from brick house slabs, block wall footings, car parks, driveway slabs and raised house underslabs.

Benefits of using Concrete 
One of the benefits of using concrete slabs is it’s cost effective, easy to install and commonly used across the board. You can decorate concrete any colour you like, even to look like another surface like paving. Concrete is also very low maintenance due to the fact that weeds cannot grow in it, so it’s got a low upkeep cost for customers.

Decorative Concrete

To help achieve beautiful patterns on your concrete, you can apply a variety of different techniques, like stamping, acid staining, sealants, aggregate and finishes which can resemable slate, tile, stone, brick, even wood! This is another benefit to using concrete is that it’s so diverse in the end product of it’s aesthetics. It really has limitless potential!

Concrete Pavers

This is an alternative to using slabs and has many pro’s to it as well. This is something our team can consult with you on to see what is the best fit for your job. Due to their extreme durability, concrete pavers can be up to four times stronger than slabs and be used immediately after they have been installed. Pavers are also easiliy installed and repaired, and if plumbing needs to be installed they can simply be lifted up to allow access. Pavers also have less chance of cracking due to the fact they can withstand movement easier than the slab. Unlike the concrete slab which can crack and become damaged over time – with pavers you can simply remove and replace and your problem is fixed.

Get in touch with us to discuss what budgets you are working to and some of the requirements surrounding the job, and we can give you a quote on what we suggest the best solution would be!

We work all across the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. You can see what areas we cover here.

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